The village is situated in a fertile and well-watered valley and is characterized by gardens full of flowers, fruit and vegetables. The church and parsonage were built by the villagers and are constructed of local stone. Other interesting buildings include the school, the Mission Store and the watermill which now houses the museum.

The Moravian mission station of Goedverwacht is nestled between the Piketberg Mountains and is accessed by an excellent tarred road off the R399, between Piketberg and Velddrift.

 90 minutes north-west from Cape Town

 an authentic cultural experience

It was established in 1889 as a Moravian Mission station and has a fascinating story.

The land originally belonged to a widowed farmer, Hendrik Schalk Burger. When the emancipation of the slaves was in sight, he asked his slave, Maniesa (originally from Bengal, India), and her five children and son-in-law to stay on the farm with him and care for him until his death. In his will, he left the farm to Maniesa and her children with the instructions that when all her children had died; their descendants should sell the farm and divide the proceeds. His own children challenged the will in court twice but it was upheld and remained in Maniesa’s family’s hands until 1888 when her last child, Hester, died. Her grave can still be seen in the graveyard. Their descendants then decided that instead of selling the farm on open auction, they would sell it to the Moravian Missionaries for 750 Pounds. Owing to its close proximity, Goedverwacht was run as a unit with the older Wittewater Mission for many years.

The Slaves Graveyard

 Settler Schalk Burger's gravestone

 Find 300 crosses in the graveyard

The Moravian Church, its festivals and activities still form the focus of community life in Goedverwacht.

 Find 300 crosses in the graveyard

 Visitors are welcome to attend Sunday services

Goedverwacht Awakens NPC2020/921960/08


Goedverwacht Awakens NPC was founded to build capacity, innovation and resilience in the tourism, agriculture, education and social development sectors to drive the growth of small businesses and to support the development of a pathway into the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the youth in particular.

Further, we seek to actively preserve and maintain the authentic and unique cultural heritage of Goedverwacht.


To value diversity and inclusion in everything we do
To maintain a high level of integrity and ethics in all our engagements
To be respectful to all we engage with
To embrace innovation
To apply the principle of fairness to all we do
To operate with a high level of accountability
To embrace collaboration


Caring for our community through the development of small business whilst embracing our cultural heritage.


To care for our community through the development of small business
To actively preserve and maintain the authentic and unique cultural heritage of Goedverwacht.
To create a pathway to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
To work with the local authorities to improve and further develop community facilities
To create an environment of caring for each other and the community
To kindle a spirit of togetherness and Ubuntu
Creating opportunities for skills development and personal growth
To encourage a spirit of social cohesion
To utilize local knowledge, expertise and service providers first
To share experience, knowledge, best practice and opportunities with like minded communities