Welcome to Goedverwacht

Our ‘living museum’ village is a tiny hamlet at the foot of the Piketberg, easily reached from Cape Town.

Join us in Goedverwacht - We offer an interactive-active, participatory tourism experience, events and activities for the whole family and great fresh produce.

Snoek en Patat Junction

This is your first stop when you get to Goedverwacht. Find out what's on, book a guided activity or hike or simply enjoy a meal.

Find local art, fresh produce and products or book your event, big or small, at The Junction.

Restaurant and Catering
Tourist Info, Curio and Art
Local Products and Fresh Produce
Meetings and Parties

Accommodation and Tours

Experience local life in one of the award-winning home-stays that include dinner and breakfast, book in to a self catering cottage or camp.

Once you´re settled in, discover your surroundings. Greet the neighbourhood, hear local stories and interact.

Homestays with Dinner and Breakfast
Self Catering Cottages
Camping Facilities
Arrive a Friend, Leave as Family!

Goedverwacht Cobblers

Be a legend, walk in original ”Cobblers”. Order custom-fitted, hand-made, leather sandals, shoes and boots, for long lasting comfort.

We produce many styles of footwear, sandals, shoes and boots.

Handmade Leather Shoes
Custom Fitted
Boots, Shoes, Sandals
Long Lasting Comfort

1893 Watermeul

Commissioned in 1893 and brought back into action in 2021, the mill is producing stone-ground flour again for the first time since 1945.

The only commercially active watermill in South Africa. Flour available for purchase.

Buy Stone Ground Flour
Traditional Methods and Equipment
Working Museum
Oldest Working Watermill in South Africa

Watermeul Museum

In 1997 the community rallied around the building and fixed the doors, windows and donated artefacts to fill the museum which opened in December 1999.

Visit the lovingly curated museum and step back into yesteryear.

Tools of the Trades
Historic Documents
How we Worked, Slept and Cooked
Look Back in Time

Goedverwacht Business Directory (Coming Soon)

Fresh produce, construction services, beauty salon, preserves and jams, unique artwork, extra lessons, home care, garden service, clothing and more.

Find it in the Goedverwacht Business Directory.

Home and Beauty
Professional Services
Clothing and Shoes
Construction and More!

Upcoming Events

Monthly organic market on the first Saturday of each month, live music, community and cultural events and the internationally famous Snoek en Patat Festival.

Check back often to stay up to date with the latest events happening in the Village!

Eco Win Organic Market First Saturday of the Month
Snoek en Patat Festival 24-25 June
Goedverwacht Dog Show March
Easter Weekend Flower Celebration 15 - 17 April

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